You can get your scooter license in only one day!

  • Get your scooter license for only € 269!

Scooter license in one day!

You start on our training terrain where you will learn to handle the scooter before you go into the everyday traffic of Utrecht.
Soon enough you will reach the part of Utrecht where your exam will take place. During your lessons you will get to know the ins and outs of the scooter rules and regulations, how you should participate in traffic, where to look and how to spot the dangers.
At the end of the day you will do the exam and you will immediately hear whether you’ve passed or not.

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Scooter license rates

Scooter license in one day €275
4 lessons + practical exam
Full package €69
Theory book, 15 hours internet training, VEKA exam warranty
Theory book + CD-Rom €39 (only in dutch)
CD-Rom contains 400 exam questions
Theory exam €45 (only in dutch)
Driving lessons €43
60 minutes
Official practical exam €185
Price is without lessons